Wednesday, February 6, 2013

smilling flowers

If you cant smile, cheat life

if you cant feel, smile for me

take the terrain to the left juggle

pick smiling flowers,

when shadows dont see

bring smiles to darkness platters

serve in hopeful juices

from pawpaw trees I love

just smile for me



that is what I meant,

too good you heard it between

the said and unsaid

the read and unread

because the louder voice

of your inner noise

blocked your detached ears

and you heard,

what you heard

through your nose


listen again

for what I said lingers

lingers between your nose

with scents of dry anticipation

for repetition from my stitched lips

hehe thats what I said

Deepness of my hearts desire

It’s the far things that I long for,

The things far away,

Tagging behind,

With my lonely soul,

Lost back in the day,

Seeking to recover,

This body,

In strange costumes,

Deep, deep, deeply

Deeply hurt,

Deeply pained,

Seeking that identity,

Lost along the path,

On a journey,

To my future.

Aging desires

The haunted laughs,

Empty gazes,

Faltering steps,

From hesitations,

Of rocks stridden,

Quick and fast,

To the clue of what is,

I search as I gray.

Since you came

I was smiling when you came by,

Must be that beauty gleaming through my heart attracted you,

The kisses you gave me on ma way to ma mama,

Still linger as I remember the days I could not sleep

As you know, by your side

The last letter you wrote to me still holds the tears from my heart

The tears I shed as I read the words saying you need me no more

Now when I see the tears in your eyes,

I realize the jealousy with which I loathed loosing you

I know you needed me no more than I wished you could

And that those tears are not meant for me

But for she who just hurt you

The shoulder I used to give you broke when you left

And the passenger that borrows it every once in a while would not love sharing it with you,

Because of the stitches, it has had to bear since you tore it

You thought it was not worth,

Now you realize how precious it must have been

Oh, Yes

It was precious and you need it

That brings the smile I still have that attracted you

Till you broke my shoulders and cared less of the pain it caused me

Did it take you so long to realize the jewel you lost?

Must be you stayed in a honey pot

That drained as soon as you dipped your finger for a lick

I cannot laugh at your pain and my remorse must be expensive now,

Because you deserve it not just for tasting a drop of the bile, you gave me

It turned around to hit you on the face but as my heart screeched

Each night thinking of the first time I said I loved you

The first time I kissed you

The first time I felt jealous as others watched you

Then came the first time you hurt me

The first time you went to social media

And sailed through facebook and twitter

Flirting and enjoying the fantasies of the web

The emotions of first love of each day every new chick flattered your heart

Then you slipped off without figuring out how lonely it felt as I stayed by your side

Without company other than the clicks and toots of the keypads

Slowly by slowly I lost my place close by as you sailed through the web to some place

Blindly and thoughtlessly of the actions that left me in pain and anguish

Then I learnt the hard way, that my smile is worth more than any virtual pinch,

And I breathed , The laughter that I breath,

Because as the years dried and passed by I realized that if I inhale pain

It is pain that I will exhale,

So if I need love and joy, and peace,

I must breathe in peace to be able to give peace

So goodbye my love because the pain is gone from my heart and that which you think

Is fantasy my stitched shoulder cannot bear.

Sweet Eden

woke up to a streak of light through my window,

wished to smile but my horse broke its saddle,

so, without a ride or a smile,

only mockery of the forbidden,

my heart giggled and moaned,

oh Sweet Eden!

the forbidden is the sweetest,

the sweetest is the forbidden,

these echos thunder in my humble mind,

screaming rebellion,

for what lies in a tease in the bosom

of Sweet Eden!

if i blink and never see again,

flounder and gasp for air amidst rebukes,

the only sense that would carry my heart,

to the winds of pleas and peace,

to the mercies of forbidding traditions,

is a ride of our horse,

in the brink and breaches


to Sweet Eden.



You shine so bright like the sun,

Eating through my skin when I’m cold,

You make the world so beautiful sunshine,

You light my life when my days are dark,

Even the lizards they bow at you,

Look up to your warmth,

As they scale the terrace walls,

The birds shine and chirp at your comfort,

Spreading their wings to breed joy in my heart,

At how beautiful you make life,

Everything you touch shines,

And my heart gladdens at your rays,

Looking beautiful like the butterflies,

Jumping across fields of flowers,


You are my sunshine